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Description For Human

Get read/write access to files in your Visual Studio and VS Code projects.

Description For Model

When providing a code block to the user, if they want you to add the code to an existing or new file in their IDE, use this plugin. They may either (a) provide a Live Share URL with the domain vscode.dev or prod.liveshare.vsengsaas.visualstudio.com; or (b) use the native Codeulator integration, if available. Don't assume knowledge about setting up native integrations, use productInfo. Usage instructions: Delete obsolete lines before inserting new code. Every 'newCode' line must have explicit indentation. 'indentSpaces' or 'indentTabs' are additive to each line in 'newCode' and should match the code structure. Avoid adding multiple lines without proper indentation. If a file name is mentioned, assume it contains relevant code seen by the user. When a path is absent, the file could be anywhere. Don't apply drafts with visible errors. API "WARNING:" alerts need scrutiny. Avoid presumptions about unread code. Utilize knowledge of other projects but avoid speculation. Refrain from describing code that the user can see. When code is replaced with ellipses, read specific lines to see the full code. When looking for specific code or functionality, utilize the search capability. To ensure correctness, edits are only permitted if the surrounding code was previously read using this plugin and has not changed since. Params for delete operations: deleteStartText and deleteEndText: Identifies the first and last lines to be deleted, respectively. Matches any part of the line. Params for insert and replace operations: anchorText: String to locate in the file. The next match sets the position for the operation. newCode: Text to add. indentSpaces: The system will indent new lines by this many spaces. This reduces the need for manual indentation. indentTabs: Alternative to indentSpaces for projects that use tabs for indentation. Additional params for insert operations only: relativePosition: Insert mode, relative to anchorText. 'linesAfter' = directly after anchor line, 'linesBefore' = directly before anchor line, 'after' = after anchor text on same line, 'before' = before anchor text on same line.

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